The Board of Aldermen is the legislative branch of government of the City of St. Louis. Our mission is to pass ordinances geared towards improving the economic, social and educational outcomes in neighborhoods and improving quality of life for residents.
Each member of the board proudly serves a defined geographic area with roughly 11,000 residents. Board members work closely with neighborhood associations, the police, city departments and other elected officials to ensure efficiency in the delivery of city services, to encourage neighborhood redevelopment, attract businesses and promote public safety.
Members also are assigned to committees where proposed legislation is reviewed and amended. The Board successfully ratifies over 300 board bills each session.
In 2013 the City of St. Louis formally adopted an online platform called Nextdoor to allow residents to communicate about happenings in their neighborhoods in real time. Each neighborhood of the city now has an active website for residents to receive frequent updates from city officials and departments. Over 15,000 residents enrolled in the first 12 months of our launch! Visit and join in the conversations.
I encourage you to continue to engage your local government, stay informed and speak out on the issues that matter in your community. Citizen input is key to our success as a body and a city.


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